Explorations of Identity

Oh boy an artist statement, who doesn't love writing those? And I am sure as a reader you are even more excited. And where to start? Oh boy. Well I was born in 1983 in Oakland California at the height of the AIDS epidemic to a UC Santa Cruz PHD student and a deadbeat who worked for Xerox. I have 2 modes of artistic creation: taker and maker. As a documentarian (picture taker) I come in the tradition of the Life Magazine/Magnum/vernacular traction of seeking, looking, and documenting the world around me as I interact with it. The hashtag I use for that is #ParticipantObserver. As a picture maker most of my work is a(bout) failure. It tends to fall on its face, but I have always been interested in exploring masculine identity. In any area one might call successful is when I myself am the subject. I mean its sort of funny, a masculine struggle for identity.

"No, I don't play football," 2005

Dave, 2008

Exercising Regret - 2013 Performance